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TOSS Service has developed unique equipment that sterilizes sports flooring

The Russian company TOSS Service has developed equipment that sterilizes sports flooring from bacteria, mold and viruses. Let's talk with the General Director of TOSS Service Nikita Lubyanov about how the Russian company has created equipment that has no analogues not only in the Russian Federation, but on the whole continent.



Editors: Nikita Sergeevich, tell us how you came to this? Where do these ideas come from?


N.S.: I'll start with the fact that TOSS Service is one of the leaders in the market for the production of professional equipment for artificial turf. One of the most important development strategies of the company is the development of modern innovative technology. We closely follow the problems of the industry, world experience and, at the same time, bring our vision to this market. The problem of the multiplication of bacteria and viruses in artificial turf is acute for many developed countries, in which the question of the refusal to use this type of coating in order to preserve the health of athletes is constantly raised..

A number of other countries prefer to ignore this fact, and the problem of the health of athletes remains a problem for the athletes themselves. This is understandable, since Artificial turf is widely used for its relatively simple maintenance, low cost and less laborious maintenance compared to natural turf. Based on laboratory studies on the subject of harmful microorganisms in the artificial turf, we proposed a technical solution that solves this problem by 99.99%. 


R: What's in this lawn? Is there really something dangerous in there?


N.S.: The arsenal is decent: this is staphylococcus, and respiratory infections, E. coli, and this is on the studied samples. What are the consequences of these bacteria I will not say, it's all on the Internet. Considering the fact that football is a mass sport with a high degree of physical contact between athletes and interaction with the lawn, imagine how much biological fluid remains on the lawn at the end of a game day. This is saliva, blood, mucus and sweat with which the bacterium Bacillus Anthrax, Salmonella, Bacteriophages, Infectious Hepatitis, Influenza, HIV, Cholera, Poliomyelitis virus can live on the lawn. Some bacteria live up to 90 days.


In our society, it is customary to monitor hygiene: to wash the floor in rooms, wipe the surfaces from dust and dirt, wash clothes, fight mold if it appears, wash the asphalt and sidewalks, but we forget about the most contact surface & ndash; sports! And this coating is not enough to wash, it must be sterilized!


R: Tell me, can COVID-19 also be on the surface of the sports floor?


N.S.: unfortunately, yes. But as I said earlier, our new development kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the field.


R: How is this effect, what is the basis of the technique and how does it move around the field?


N.S.: now the most interesting part. The project is Unique and, as I have already said, today there are no analogues on our continent. We have developed a trailer technology (for a tractor) based on UV lamps operating on short waves (200-280 nanometers). The TOSS AntiBac sterilizer generates over 7800 mW/cm2 of UV energy in any part of the field. To destroy the most harmful microorganisms present on sports surfaces, it is necessary to obtain an energy dose of more than 6600 mW / cm2. The directed energy of the TOSS AntiBac sterilizer is more than enough to destroy the DNA inside the microorganisms and completely neutralize them. Treatment of the coating with UV rays does not affect the quality of the lawn and does not affect human health. The method of UV energy treatment is safe and most economical in relation to the treatment of the coating with chemical solutions.


I don't want to be dramatic about the fact that sports should be safe. But our children play on the field. COVID-19 has shown that we are the human race and need to be smarter and more attentive to ourselves, to nature and to the environment in General. I sincerely hope that the TOSS AntiBac project will be in demand and benefit humanity.



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