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ATTENTION!!! Beware of imitations and counterfeits

ATTENTION!!! Beware of imitations and counterfeits

The market is experiencing an increase in models of lawn maintenance equipment visually similar to TOSS Service equipment, and for this reason we must warn you of problems that may arise from acquiring a model that appears similar to a TOSS Service product.


The producers of this kind of equipment copy the appearance of a particular model but fail to understand that the equipment is intended for regular (professional) work, and it’s not the appearance that needs to be copied but the goods inside. Professional equipment is designed for specific loads (weight, work duration, number of cycles, etc.).  For example, consider the TOSS LS 550 scarifier, which may not seem like the most technologically advanced product, though it employs a whole palette of metal alloys facilitating an extended operational life (case: steel 09G2S, knives: steel 65G, pins: steel 35XM, sleeve: steel 45, and steel 3, steel 20, steel 40X, etc. Some products require heat treatment, galvanizing, and welding with components heated up to 200 degrees). Unprofessional manufacturers, however, consider the product solely in terms of cost, which is far from the only criterion necessary for evaluating a product.

TOSS Service does the following before releasing equipment on the market:

  • it develops technical specifications for the design department;
  • its designers work on the future product’s concept and design;
  • it develops a set of drawings for production (assembly, detailing, specifications) with load calculations;
  • it selects third-party components;
  • it prepares the pre-production prototype;
  • it tests the product in search of possible weak spots;
  • it eliminates shortcomings and launches the product;
  • it certifies the product.

You get what you pay for! By neglecting these steps, unprofessional manufacturers put their customers at risk, because although someone might save RUB 10,000 -20,000 on a purchase, broken equipment will keep them from completing their work at a site on time.

For example, at the time this article was written, a TOSS E 100 sand machine cost RUB 99,990 with VAT included. Very similar models (colour, industrial fittings, construction) can be found on the market for RUB 85,000. One of these imitations was brought to us (by our client. The model purchased was no longer functional). The imitation was found to have the following problems:

  • the bearing (China) was not protected from sand, dust, and dirt. It would not last long.
  • the auger pulley was improperly aligned, as a result of which the belt on the pulley would slip, and the forced feed would not work as a result of the backed-up auger;
  • case thickness of 0.8 – 1 mm (TOSS E 100 is 1.5 mm thick) leads to a rapid deterioration of the aesthetic appearance of the equipment through defects and dents;
  • not a single component has been galvanized;
  • selected materials (traction units) looked unreliable. Rapid wear indicated improperly selected metal alloys;
  • non-powder spray painting.

Be on guard. Careful consideration of the product before you make a purchase will save you money and time.


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