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ATTENTION!!! Beware of copies and fakes

ATTENTION!!! Beware of copies and fakes
More and more often on the market there are models of lawn maintenance equipment visually similar to the TOSS Service equipment. for this reason, we have to warn You against possible problems when purchasing the same model as the TOSS Service.

The thing is that "manufacturers" of such equipment copy the appearance of a particular model, forgetting that this technique is intended for regular (professional) work and it is necessary to copy not the appearance, but the "recipe". Professional equipment is designed for certain loads(weight, duration of operation, number of cycles, etc.). For example, if we consider the TOSS LS 550 scarifier, this seemingly not the most technological product uses a whole palette of metal alloys that allows this technique to work for many years (body: steel 09G2S, knives: steel 65G, fingers: steel 35XM, sleeve: steel 45, as well as steel 3, steel 20, steel 40X, etc. Some products require heat treatment, electroplating, welding with heated parts up to 200 degrees). "Garage manufacturers" of course, consider the product exclusively from the point of view of cost, but this is not the only criterion by which it is necessary to evaluate the product.


Here's what TOSS Service does before bringing equipment to the market:

- development of technical specifications for the design Department;

- development of the concept and design of the future product by designers;

- development of a set of drawings for production (Assembly, detailing, specifications) with the calculation of loads;

- selection of purchased components;

- production of an industrial design;

- product testing and finding weaknesses;

- elimination of defects and start of production;

- product certification.

A miser pays twice! Neglecting these stages, "garage manufacturers" put their customers at risk, because someone who saves 10 -20 Tr will not be able to complete work on the site on time due to broken equipment.


For example, the TOSS E 100 sandblaster costs 99,990 rubles with VAT at the time of writing. There are very similar models on the market (color, industrial fittings, construction) for 85,000 rubles. One of these copies came to us for review (from our client. The previously purchased clone was no longer working). The following problems were found on this sample:

- the bearing (China) is not protected from sand, dust, dirt. It won't last long;

- The screw pulley has an incorrectly selected profile, as a result, the belt on the pulley slips, and the forced material supply does not work due to a stalled screw;

- the case thickness is 0.8-1 mm (the TOSS E 100 has a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm), which will lead to a rapid loss of the aesthetic appearance of the equipment due to defects and dents;

- no electroplated parts were found;

- selected materials (traction units) are suspicious. Rapid wear indicates incorrectly selected metal alloys;

- painting not by powder spraying.


Be vigilant. Carefully study the product before purchasing – this will save You money and time.


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