Sand Machine

TOSS DR 80 H / L and TOSS DR 150 H / L Sand Machine

TOSS DR 80 H / L and TOSS DR 150 H / L Sand Machine

TOSS DR series sand machines are absolutely one of a kind on the Russian market. At the heart of the machine lie a powerful engine, a hopper with a moving belt, and a centrifuge for scattering various kinds of infill. First and foremost, the TOSS DR 80 or 150 spreader is suitable for spreading peat, various fertilizers, sand, reagents, and soil. From fertilizer for vineyard root systems to infilling quartz sand on golf courses. The drive mechanism for the rear axle and wide rubber profile make it possible to work in any condition. We have also developed a special container for seed filling, which makes it possible to plant grass 10 times faster and more efficiently than is possible using traditional methods. As the belt moves, seeds from the box are measured out onto the tape and mixed with soil, after which they fall onto the centrifuge, and the mixture is spread at the required (adjustable) width. Seeds in soil become inaccessible to birds and will not be washed away by rain. Two versions of the spreader are available: the DR 150 self-propelled model and the DR 80 garden tractor trailer. TOSS sand machines are made of high-quality materials and components made by world-class manufacturers, which make them professional line machine. 2-year TOSS equipment warranty.

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