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TOSS LH H / LH L and TOSS LH Pro Lawn Mowers

TOSS LH H / LH L and TOSS LH Pro Lawn Mowers

The TOSS LH Series Lawn Mower is a professional mowing machine for tall and short grass in medium and small-sized areas. At the heart of the TOSS LH mower lie a powerful engine, a series of special blades made of hard metal alloys, and a drive mechanism with lawn wheels. Distinctive features of the lawn mowers include an increased working deck width and a drive mechanism on the rear axle, allowing for mowing on slopes. Blades with increased wear resistance make easy work of tall grass and small bushes (LH Pro model). Adjustable mower height makes it possible to set the deck to the desired height relative to the soil line. A foldable handle allows for compact storage. The TOSS lawn mower is made of a metal casing painted with powder coating technology. The blades are made of carbide grade metal, are extremely reliable, and require minimal maintenance. The wheels come with an axle made by a world-class manufacturer and lawn tires that won’t leave ruts on wet ground. The drive mechanism for the deck blades works with belts made by a world-class manufacturer and last 5 times longer than comparable parts produced elsewhere. The engine with a power reserve is able to work in extreme conditions for extended periods of time. 2-year TOSS equipment warranty.

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