Artificial turf is more resistant to heavy loads than natural turf, but even they lose up to 10% of crumb rubber per year during operation. Considering the size and rate of filling a standard football field, this figure reaches about 7-10 tons annually. If this volume is not replenished, the pile of the lawn is exposed and it becomes very easy to break / pull out. This leads to a significant reduction in the service life of the artificial turf. The use of spreaders is recommended to prevent such problems.

It is not only ineffective, but also impractical from an economic point of view, especially when it comes to full-fledged sports grounds (for example, football fields). The optimal solution is sand spreaders, which automate the processes of replenishing the required volumes of crumb rubber, preventing the formation of holes in synthetic surfaces. Particularly relevant are the issues of filling in the penalty and corner zones, since, according to statistics, the bulk of the rubber crumb is lost precisely from here, due to high loads.

In addition, the equipment is suitable for other tasks:

  • sanding paths in winter;
  • sowing seeds while planting natural lawns;
  • treating lawns with fertilizers and other chemicals.

The technique eliminates the need for manual labor, significantly optimizing the technological processes for the maintenance of sports surfaces. The versatile sand spreaders offered by TOSS Service will do the job perfectly in any part of the field, including hard-to-reach areas and areas that require spot filling.

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