TOSS E – 100 spreader

TOSS E – 100 spreader


A small bucket universal spreader for narrow, hard-to-reach spots and places requiring selective filling. Ideal for adding crumb rubber to the penalty and corner areas on football pitches with an artificial surface. The TOSS E - 100 has proven itself in work when infilling the edges of artificial grass, when proximity to a fence prevents the use of a full-sized hitched hopper. The TOSS E - 100 is essential for spreading sand on tracks in the winter, seeds when planting grass, etc.

Discount size 9 % Old price RUB 110 000

Price: RUB 99 900

TOSS G – 1000 professional spreader

TOSS G – 1000 professional spreader


The TOSS G - 1000 professional spreader is a high-level machine that can compete with any of its global counterparts but costs 30-50% less.  The spreader is designed to apply quartz sand and rubber granulate to football pitches and golf courses.


  • Uniform filling, without protrusions or empty spaces;
  • Mobility (small size and weight);
  • 4 wheels that do not leave ruts on the ground;
  • Uniform feed of infill material by means of conveyor belt;
  • High quality components and assembly;
  • 2-year warranty.

Discount size 8 % Old price RUB 600 000

Price: RUB 549 990

TOSS E – 1200 spreader

TOSS E – 1200 spreader


TOSS E — 1200 spreader is designed for infilling / adding crumb rubber and quartz sand to the artificial (SBR/EPDM) grass. The spreader belongs to low-cost (inexpensive) models but is a professional machine at the same time.


  • the foremost advantage is its price (the hopper pays out at the first object);
  • aluminum sides, which make the structure ligher;
  • lawn wheels (Italy);
  • ADR mountings (Poland) — adapted for this model;
  • hopper volume of 1.2 cubic meters (1 big bag of sand or 0.5 big bag of crumb rubber) — saves space and money on transporting equipment between objects;
  • carrying capacity of 1 tonne;
  • the wheels are independent — they will not slip on the lawn during turns and will not cause corrugations on the surface and accumulation of crumb rubber in ruts;
  • convenient flap adjustment;
  • auger conveyor — as a forced shaft for spilling;
  • «sieve lid» — OPTION, prevents lumps from getting into the hopper;
  • TOSS Service 2 year warranty

Discount size 21 % Old price RUB 280 000

Price: RUB 219 990

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