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Caring for artificial grass: equipment catalogue

Artificial grass is any field’s calling card, but the surface requires maintenance. Maintenance consists of an extensive set of measures that include cleaning, aerating, scarifying, compacting, cutting the grass, and other technological operations. Regular implementation of these activities ensures the preservation of the surface in optimal playing condition for years to come, and their absence ensures that a field will have to be replaced after 4-5 years of use. And the cost of that is much greater. Therefore, the most rational and cost-effective solution calls for the purchase of special equipment for the care of artificial grass.

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Catalogue of suggested artificial lawn care equipment

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TOSS Service develops high-performance, functional equipment for servicing sporting surfaces. The equipment is designed on the recommendations of industry specialists and meets European artificial grass maintenance standards.

The equipment product range for football pitches and golf courses includes:

  • spreaders. Designed for selective and local filling of fields with artificial surfaces. The equipment is small in size and weight but provides an even spread of infill material. It allows you to automate the processes for replenishing crumb rubber levels, which prevents the occurrence of holes in the synthetic surfaces;
  • brushes. Designed for high-quality surface cleaning of debris and even distribution of filling materials across the field. Regular maintenance with brushes ensures that the technical characteristics of the grass remain within regulated standards;
  • rakes. This is universal equipment for golf courses and other synthetic surfaces that prevents compacting and forestalls the deterioration of the field drainage system;
  • hand tools such as smoothers, edge trimmers, circle cutters, and so much more.

Tractors and multifunctional equipment are also on offer, combining the capabilities of several categories of equipment into one. The purchase of such items can save you significant money and make it possible to fully equip a fleet of technical devices for the care of synthetic surfaces.

Work in hard to reach places

A long cutting deck, excellent ergonomic characteristics, and robust construction.

Smooth operation

A long cutting deck, excellent ergonomic characteristics, and robust construction.

Customize your device

A long cutting deck, excellent ergonomic characteristics, and robust construction.

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