Lawn tools

Lawn tools

If you want artificial grass to maintain its pleasant appearance and to serve as a playing field for years to come, it is insufficient to merely purchase it and place it on top of a prepared foundation. Special lawn equipment is needed for its installation and further maintenance. You can find the right lawn equipment in our company. Our catalogue features:

  • special equipment such as tractors, hopper trailers for crumb rubber, and multifunctional machines;
  • hand tools such as smoothers, edge trimmers, and line cutters, splicer knives, circle cutters, glue applicators, and turf grips (large and small);
  • sand machines for fields with artificial turf, such as spreaders, and propagators;
  • brushes for combing and cleaning the grass;
  • lawn rakes.

Sand machines for artificial turf, spreaders

Over time, use of the lawn can lead to an uneven decrease in crumb rubber or sand. This is especially noticeable in the corner and penalty areas on artificial turf. To make the surface even and beautiful, spreaders or propagators that hook on to tractors are used for selective spreading of crumb rubber. Sand machines should be employed to improve drainage, normalize infill material levels, and apply additional fertilizer. These tools can take care of a wide range of tasks related to lawn maintenance and are applicable for:

  • adding quartz sand to golf courses;
  • adding rubber granulate to existing fields with artificial turf;
  • installing artificial turf on new football pitches;
  • sanding tracks in winter;
  • fertilizing grass;
  • sowing seeds for a naturally grassy landscape.


Lawn rakes

These tools help thin out compacted crumb rubber and are used in conjunction with the tractors. Their design includes spring pins, swivel and non-swivel wheels, and tines regulated according to the level of penetration. Metal tines are plunged into the ground, lift it, and loosen it. This loosens and softens the filler. It becomes likely to cause injury. Equipment of this kind flattens the terrain, levels out depressions, and improves the operational quality of the football pitch playing field.


Varieties of brushes for artificial grass

Tufted brushes are a means of maintaining a surface’s functionality, aesthetics, and durability. These products are used in conjunction with tractors. They redistribute infill from minimal load areas to those bearing maximum load, collect garbage, and raise grass tufts.

  • Small-sized triangular brushes. Designed for small areas with an artificial surface; their shape makes it possible to brush it from different angles.
  • Brushes with multidirectional corners. These work best with the lawn machines. Their increased working surface and trailer make it possible to tidy up spaces much faster than an angled brush. The weight of the equipment presses the bristles snugly to the grass, improving the brushing.


Lawn care equipment

  • The smoother reliably and accurately glues the seam of the artificial surface.
  • The edge trimmer is used to cut lawn sheets laterally and transversely, and the handle can be equipped with a grip to adjust the angle of the holder.
  • The circle cutter is used to cut the grass along a certain radius and is indispensable in the arrangement of professional sporting venues.
  • The glue applicator helps to glue lawn rolls faster and more easily and to apply glue evenly.
  • The line cutter is used to mark off the lawn sheet.
  • Large and small grips are used for joining grass sheets and help to distribute the load and avoid damage to the skin on the hands and joint pain.
  • The splicer knife is an indispensable tool for those installing grass and is used for accurate and even lateral cuts of the surface at the joints.

Tractors, hopper trailers for crumb rubber, and multifunctional machines;

The tractors employed in lawn care are special machines for lawn grass and not standard agricultural tractors. They are more compact and less powerful. Their wheels are much smaller and possess the following features:

  • an increased angle of rotation that makes the equipment more maneuverable and convenient to operate in a limited space,
  • low-pressure tires are low-ridged and do not damage the grass surface.

Tractors of this kind are economical (they consume little fuel) and highly functional. The machine can be used to brush the lawn, add reagents to the soil, spread the filler (as a hopper trailer for crumb rubber), and to clean snow and foliage.


Regular surface maintenance employing special technical equipment extends the surface’s operational life. In contrast, typical utility vehicles are unable to completely remove dirt from artificial grass and prevent its deformation. Only specialized lawn equipment can help maintain the proper flat and clean condition of the surface and extend the length of its operational life.


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