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About the Company

TOSS Service LLC - Russian manufacturing company. Our primary focus is on the development, production, and sale of equipment for the care of natural and artificial grass at sporting facilities and recreational areas. TOSS Service sees its mission as providing consumers with reliable, modern, productive equipment for servicing sporting and leisure facilities. TOSS Service’s strategic goal is to establish itself as an industry leader by diversifying sales, ensuring the reliability and timeliness of delivery, increasing operational efficiency, and putting the scientific and technical potential of Russian specialists to work. TOSS Service is a professional manufacturer of equipment for lawn care in football pitches and recreational areas. TOSS Service equipment has been designed with an eye to global experience and recommendations from industry specialists. The company has successfully developed a domestic network of dealerships and carries out exports. The company also implements new projects aimed at significantly strengthening TOSS Service’s position in the fast-growing global maintenance equipment market. The company is one of the Russian market’s five biggest players and successfully competes with European manufacturers.


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In-house Production
We design and manufacture equipment for the care of artificial grass ourselves, so we can control its quality from the first sketches to the final preparations for sale.
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Product Range
The catalogue contains equipment for small-sized football pitches as well as equipment for the maintenance of full-sized pitches.
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A Great Team
Our company has been building and servicing football pitches with artificial surfaces since 2008. We have a lot of experience. We are happy to share it.
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Warranty and post-warranty maintenance
Whatever might happen to TOSS equipment, we’ll bring it back into service.


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