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Today, TOSS Service equipment is purchased not only throughout Russia and the CIS countries, but also actively growing demand from foreign markets. However, each story has its own beginning… I was a very dreamy boy as a child. After the whole family went to bed, I took out my favorite red felt-tip pen from under my pillow, and against the background of the window, illuminated by a street lamp, the felt-tip pen turned into a dream car, like on a projector screen. And I was racing towards adventures in it: an excavator, an airplane, a robot, etc. Nevertheless, all my fantasies were connected with technology in one way or another. Already at school, I realized that having resources is profitable. This is what allowed you to have the desired sneakers, backpack, jeans, glasses with the logo of a popular brand. So I started trying to make money: washing cars, renting glass containers, selling potatoes. In General, I earned as much as I could to make my fantasies come true. As a student, the role of dreams and the desire for financial freedom surpassed everything else. I tried my hand at trading, I was a loader, I was engaged in production, I was a speculator. But it wasn't like that at all. I realized this some time later, when I got the idea to make equipment for lawns. At that time, I was building small football fields with artificial grass, and good equipment was simply not available to us. Dreams began to come true. It's time to work 15 hours 7 days a week. Since then, the rhythm and pressure did not weaken, and the forces became more and more. Today TOSS is a modern company that employs the most talented and professional specialists. We work every day to ensure that TOSS Service products are the true standard of quality. I am convinced that if people are given the freedom to develop and realize their duty, they will always put all their strength and all their skills to even the most insignificant task. We have strong ambitions that move us in the right direction. We do not just produce and sell TOSS equipment, but we do it professionally. It's hard to conquer the world, but I also don't know who does it better than us!

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